Our mission: reinventing business banking.

We make banking easy for SMBs and freelancers.

“We use design and technology to give entrepreneurs the banking experience they deserve.”

Ryan Saad Wissam Moussa
Co-founders of Rise
The idea of Rise was born out of frustration: as Ryan and Wissam were building their own company, they were very frustrated with their own banking experience. It was not only time-consuming and complex but also didn't include modern tools to suit progressive companies. The two founders decided to tackle these frustrations and to create the service they would have loved to use as entrepreneurs.

Our ambition is very clear: building the best business banking service by using technology and design, with a fair and transparent pricing!
We think that SMEs have been neglected for too long and that traditional institutions have failed to propose a banking experience adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs. Business banking should be efficient, attractive and affordable. Our mission is to dust off the old banking experience!

What are we about?

Rise is about
doing what you love.

We believe the world would be a better place if more people gave it a shot.It’s why we’re building a modern business current account that gives time back to people who work for themselves
So you can get back to doing what you love.

Guiding principles

Visibility is key to financial fitness.

What’s measured is managed. The next generation of spend tracking and insight tools must make it easy for finance teams and founders to understand, control, and enact change to spend.

One dollar saved is 100x better than points.

Spend instruments should help companies focus on reducing wasted spend, ensuring resources are effectively used to grow the bottom line, and creating a solid foundation for the long term.

Software-first, card second.

Cards are just the tip of the iceberg. Our platform solves for the entire spend management process, from seamless approvals in Slack, to automated expense policies, to one-click accounting reconciliation.

Financial fitness starts with every employee.

The biggest impact of a company’s financial health comes from empowering its people. Our software lets you create guard-rails, inspire trust, and engage your employees to make the right decisions.

List some unique features of the business.

Modular UI Kit
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CMS Integration
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Spotlight some important metrics to impress.

Metric Coverage
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Comparison Rate
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Business Outlets
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100+ Sections

Put the spotlight on an individual facet.

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