Introducing Rise

The all-in-one software for every canadian business.

Rise is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company in Canada, automate expense reports and simplify company spending.

Our Customers

A technology-first approach
to canadian businesses

Hundreds of canadian businesses—from startups to large enterprises— use Rise's software to start, manage and grow their businesses online.

Open your business account online

Open a business checking account with Rise. Once your online account is open, make the most of features that will help you manage your finances and accounting in just a few clicks.

Sign up in a few minutes
We just have to verify your identity
Your account is open! Send your first payment.

Corporate Cards

Unlimited cards with ultimate control. From team lunch to software subscriptions, always stay in control. Get unlimited virtual & physical cards with smart limits built in.

Issue virtual cards in seconds & pay for anything
Spin up virtual cards in seconds for any online purchase
Benefit from the latest 3D-Secure technology (3DS2) for your online payments
Your physical card is shipped, already!
Get luxury physical cards, powered by Visa
Built-in controls that give you unparalleled security

Apps Integrations

Sync with your favorite software & tool, Streamline your finance operations with out-of-the-box integrations for accounting, collaboration, and security software.

Close your books 5 days faster
Increase company-wide productivity
Onboard cardholders securely
Hello automation!

Expense Management

Automate expense reporting with cards and software that work together to save hundreds of hours each month.

Control spend  with card limits and restrictions
AI-powered receipt matching
Tap to pay with support for Apple

All you need to easily handle
your everyday payments

A complete business account

Enjoy a digital and transparent business account with an unlimited and real-time transaction history

All the payment methods

Cards, transfers and mobile payments with Apple Pay. Google pay is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Simplified team expenses

Forget about expense reports! Order Visa cards for your teams and stay in control of their expenses in real time.
Mobile app

Rise & Shine,
on the go!

Stay on top of your business with the Rise app for Android or iOS.


Startup Incorporation

Turn your idea into a startup, in about 10 mins. We guide you through the essentials and handle the rest. Spend 10 minutes filling out a bit of information, and then we’ll create the legal framework for your company.

Get going in about 10 minutes
Issue stock to founders
Special offers on startup services

Business Credit Building

Build and grow your business credit score. For only $9/month, you can grow your score and your opportunities. After all, financial goals are life goals.

Subscribe to Credit Building for $9/month in-app
We'll report your progress to a major credit bureau
That's it, now just Rise & Shine!

A software that fits your business

Get Started
Start in minutes and issue unlimited corporate cards
Save time and money so you can grow faster
Small business (SMB)
Virtual Cards, instantly
Physical Cards
Restrict spend to specific expense categories or merchants
Issue employee cards at scale with proactive restrictions
Human Resources
Automated onboarding
Update access as your company changes
Customer Story

Cannot recommend
Rise enough!

“ It's been 1 year since we found Rise, and it's such a relief as a small business owner to not worry about unnecessary fees. I lost my credit card once, and the service was so prompt that I was back to work the next day!"
Melanie Shaw
Design Lead @ ROOM
Customer Story

Highly recommended!

“ We'll do the work of saving for the company each month.When you know your bills are covered, you can focus on the fun parts of having money.“
Mark Nassif
Chief Executive Officer @ Lookout

Frequently asked questions

You have got questions, we have got answers.
See all questions here
What is exactly Rise?

Rise is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company in Canada, automate expense reports and simplify company spending. You can start, build and grow your business, online!

How can Rise help my business save time?

Automatic receipt matching saves time for both employees and Finance teams. Users who make purchases simply need to take a picture of their receipt, then text it to Rise, or email it to — it's that simple! Closing the books is also quicker with Rise. Bookkeepers and finance teams can customize Rise data to fit their company’s accounting structure, making financial reconciliation easy.

Who qualifies for Rise?

In order to qualify for Rise, a business must:

— Be registered in Canada.
— Be a corporation, limited liability company, or LP (nonprofits welcome).
— Currently, we are not accepting individuals, sole proprietors, and other types of unregistered businesses.
— Have at least $5,000 in cash in a Canadian business bank account.
— Have most of your operations and corporate spend in Canada (although Rise will waive all international transaction fees).

If you're part of a business that is ready to move to a modern spend management platform, we encourage you to get in touch or apply for Rise right here.

What makes Rise different from other corporate cards on the market?

Rise is the most advanced all-in-one platform on the market and the only platform aligned with your business's financial health: from business registration, to business account, to corporate card, all the way to an advanced expense management platform. We're focused on helping companies stop wasting money, not spend more to rack up points. Here's just a quick summary of our differentiated capabilities:

The corporate card designed to reduce burn.
1% cash back on everything. No exceptions.
Over $150k in partner rewards.
Automated savings insights - our product proactively identifies opportunities to help you save.

Goodbye Expense Reports
Invite users with specific card level limits - be it daily, monthly, yearly or non-recurring.
Know where every dollar goes in real time.
Integrated expense policy - define your amount thresholds for receipts and other justifications and we will automatically follow up with your users.
Automatic receipt matching - simply text or email us receipts and we will match them with your transactions.

Close your books fast
Integration with your favorite accounting software (Netsuite, QuickBooks, Xero).
Advanced Accounting Rules - define how you want to map transactions to your accounting configurations and Rise will learn over time.
Remind users of missing receipts or memos in 1 click.

Empower your people. Stay in control.
Modify user limits and approve card requests in real time.
Empower team managers to manage their team and oversee their spend.
Choose which vendors to exclude or allow on any given card.
Get alerted if spending is out of policy (e.g. large transactions, increases in spending)

Will my personal credit be affected if I apply for Rise?

No. We do not use individual's credit reports. Applying for Rise will never affect your personal credit score.

Does Rise require a personal guarantee?

No. Rise does not require founders to personally guarantee your expenses. We consider your business’s financial health factors, such as the company’s cash balance and cash flows, in setting your company’s business limit. We continuously innovate and tailor the underwriting model for the needs of your business, as no two companies are the same.