Introducing Rise

The corporate card
built for savings.

The only card and spend management platform designed to help you spend less.

Unlimited cashback.
Average annualized savings.
Faster end-of-month close.
Get started instantly

Get a smarter corporate card.

Cut your expenses, constantly. Unlike other cards that entice you to spend with complicated reward programs, Rise is the only platform built around saving time for you and your team, and keeping money in your bank.
"Closing the books used to take a couple of days — now it takes about an hour a month."
Kelly, CFO at Candid.
Spend less

Cut your expenses, constantly.

Our cards are built from the ground up to save companies time and money. Issue unlimited cards and eliminate overspend with our advanced savings reports and 1% cashback on everything.

Simplified rewards that scale

Focus on your business, not on optimizing card points. You’ll earn 1% cash back on every business purchase, across all categories. Save effectively no matter where or how you choose to spend over time.

Unlimited cards
with ultimate control

From team lunch to software subscriptions, always stay in control. Get unlimited virtual & physical cards with smart limits built in.
Virtual & physical cards
Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards that automatically control what your employees can spend on.
Controls & approvals
Control spend before it happens - right from your inbox or Slack. Empower teams to request and delegate approval to managers.

Automation from
receipts to accounting

Save time and eliminate days of manual work. Automate your expense management process with the fastest reconciliation experience ever made.
Streamlined accounting
An accounting experience co-created with finance teams to automate manual processes and let Rise do the heavy lifting.
Automatic receipt matching
Codify your expense policies in Rise. Rise automatically requests, collects and matches receipts sent via SMS & email.

Real-time visibility
into every dollar spent

Access every transaction instantly and know exactly who’s spending on what. Track your top line spend or drill into any transaction from any device,
in real-time.
Spend insights
Instant reconciliation with Rise software. Search, slice, or download real-time data from any employee, department, or merchant.
Financial forecasting
Rise automatically identifies all active subscriptions and upcoming payments. It’s like seeing into the future.

Comments from
business owners

(less than five employees)
"Being an SME start-up, the catch-22 of obtaining a revolving line of credit to match growth is an exceedingly difficult barrier to overcome. No federal/provincial programs are effective in supporting entrepreneurial businesses."
"Last October the branch in my town closed, leaving us with no financial institution nearer than 20 km away, changing a two- block walk to a 40 km round."
Yarn specialist
"Banking fees for small businesses are unreasonable. I went from being a sole proprietor to corporation last year, which meant my banking fees went from $0.00 per transaction as per personal banking, to over $1.00 per transaction as per corporate banking. This might appear trivial to institutions that make large sums per year, but it puts the smaller businesses at a disadvantage."
"I can’t say enough about how happy we are with the shift. We were very unhappy with the bank’s high service fees, including high monthly account fees and fees for depositing cash. Additionally, there were long line-ups and poor service at the bank which we didn’t enjoy, and it caused us to not want to go there."
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